Monaco I (GRP)

The most basic, slippery, undressed, hence sexy Minisail.
Monaco I was the first GRP hull directly derived from it's wooden original.
It's a flushed decked plastic Veed hull. Blue at the top and white at the bottom.
Adverts say the boat had won design awards (link) and no wonder because the thing looks like a greased lightning.
Even today these look stunning, or maybe promising fast more likely.

In the Minisail timeline they are launched and commercialised around 1963.
As plasic at that period was the best you could have -parents used to proudly have the kids drinking of plastic cups- this MS variant was a high tech sports-toy.

Main advantages of the Monaco I flushed deck are

- a design classic
- the true self draining nature (it's a big windsurf board really)
- easy to climb in on after a capsize
- easy to sit in the middle during lulls (sunny day beach boat!)
- ease of maintenance (hardly none)
Some disadvantages:
- the awkward sitting position is tiring if one is not top-fit. Adding a sliding seat is a great help, hence a necessity
- lack of structural elements to brace against.

These boats, how fantastic they are, dont't seem to be popular (in general).
The unconventional shape and the evanesce of leisure (beach) sailing is probably why this fun oldtimer isn't the Minisail favourite.
Mind to youngsters: Add a sliding seat, a good sail and you are in the game. This boat is a workout and remember all Minisails sail at a PY of  1225

Availability: Rare. There are some out there, if one from time to time pops up it's mostly only the hull only... No problem, right?