Sprite I

Characteristic for Sprites is they are all wood, have a flat bottommed hull and a handle in the bow.

Flat bottommed Sprite hull
flat botommed Sprite hull

Sprite handle
bow handle

In the Minisail timeline they are launched and commercialised in the middle to late sixties.
There were two versions: Sprite mark I and mark II. The difference between them is the deck layout. Mark I is flushed decked, probably inspired on the very first Monaco's, mark II has a cockpit (that's the recessed well where your feet go).

Main advantages of the flushed deck are
- the true self draining nature (it's a big windsurf board really)
- easy to climb in on after a capsize
- easy to sit in the middle during lulls
- ease of maintenance (and construction to a certain extend)
Some disadvantages:
- the awkward sitting position is tiring if one is not top-fit. Adding a sliding seat is a great help, hence a necessity
- lack of structural elements to brace against.

As mensioned above the Sprite series have the hard chined flat bottomed hull. Sailing the boat slightly heeled makes the chine dig in the water resulting in a boat that tracks more straight and manouvers remarkably more precise and predictable.

Availability: Not a lot of Sprites surface these days but occasionally some do. If you want and find one it's worth to check her or go and have a look. Most survivers are likely to have been stored well over the years. The flimsy wooden hulls don't last long exposed to the elements.