The Prototype Minisail

Amazingly the original prototype for the Minisail still exists and is now safely in the hands of the Proctor family. Click on the image below for a slideshow of recent restoration work.

The boat was built by Chippendales and owned by the Proctor family. It was loaned to a collection which went into receivership, and bought back for restoration by the Proctor family in time for the Centenary of Ian Proctor in 2018. The prototype is shown before, during, and after restoration. It seems that everything above the hull was replaced. The first photograph shows the Minisail prototype next to the Topper prototype (originally known as OD11 ). The Proctor design evolution from MiniSail to Topper is evident, as is the Proctor design evolution between the far two boats, Gull No 1 and the Gull 'stretch' Wayfarer No 3. He was truly one of the great designers.

Some of the photos taken before restoration clearly show modifications made during development.