Minisail Register

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Sail No. Construction Year  Type       Hull Colour Deck Colour Owner        Club/Location Picture Comments       
4 Sprite 1963 Sprite 1 Red Varnish Previously; John Llewellyn, sold 2000  


John Llewellyn built the first kit built Minisail in 1963. He went on to win the national Championship in 1967. He sold "Dumbo" in about 2000. Its whereabouts now is unknown
10 Wood   Wood Monaco Red Varnish Aviateam, Paul  

Fully restored 2019
23 Wood   Wood Sprite I Red Varnish Pedro Critovao Portugal


Undergoing restoration
245     Monaco II White  Light Blue Peter Matthews      
248 Wood   Wood Sprite I Varnish Varnish Roger Llewellyn Leeds


Undergoing restoration. l also have sail No 228?
308           Paul Rogers Sandwell Valley SC   Seen at National Championships at Bowmoor in 2018
721 GRP   Monaco?   Light Blue John Porter      
806 Wood   Sprite II White Varnish       Seen at National Championships at Whitefriars
1001 GRP   Monaco           Used in one of the early MS adverts with 3 people on it
1042 GRP   Monaco 1? White Light Blue       Sold for £65 on PicClick by "toadandweezel" in Barnstaple
1152     Homemade Minisprint White  Varnish Tom Moore?     Seen at National Championships at Whitefriars in 2014
1223       White Varnish       Visible racing in the 1967 National Championships
1307 GRP   Monaco   Dark Blue       On sale on Wightbay
1872 GRP   Monaco White Light blue       For sale on in May 2016
1919 GRP 1967 Monaco White  Light blue David Binks Olney, Bucks   Quote from David; In storage since 1978 so in very good condition. However bottom of must hole collapsed, thought to be result of corroded mild steel mast support plate. Hence hull cut up 25.11.2019
1978 GRP 1968 Monaco White


Robert Anstey Frensham Pond SC, near Farnham   Quote from Rob; The boat is almost one owner. My father bought it from Richmond Marine when I was a lad (I remember going to fetch it vividly !), so I learnt to sail in it as did my nephews. It was then “lent” it to the Sea Cadets for about 20 years, from where I retrieved it four years ago. It is sitting waiting for some minor TLC and a new sail before it goes sailing again (it still has the original sail, believe it or not). My intention is to be able to rig as original but also to have something that works rather better, so interested in the Morgan sails option.
2287 Wood     Light blue Varnish       On Minisail Association Gallery
2427       White Light blue       Seen at National Championships at Whitefriars in 2014
2756 GRP   Monaco II White Yellow Steve Whitby  


On Minisail Association Gallery
3089 GRP   Monaco II White Blue Previously; Chris Goldhawk, sold 1981  


Quote from Chris; I sailed her in the late 70's when I was a teenager and remember doing the nationals in Brighton in 1979 and Plymouth in 1980 (I was 16 at the time) plus opens at Hoo Ness and Eastbourne (my first time on the sea). I sailed at Keynes Park SC in the Cotswolds at the time with Barry Rawlins, who I think won the Nationals a bit earlier. He had an orange boat with aluminium framed wings and tramps and was untouchable. Later I sailed at Chew Valley SC
3131 GRP   Monaco II White  Yellow    


Sailed in National Championship in 2018
3221   1969 MiniSprint Mk1?        


1969. It was that year's Boat Show model costing £95 at the time. 

3446 Wood 1971? Wood Sprite II Red Varnish Rupert Whelan Whitefriars SC


Having owned a Minisprint in my youth, & a GRP Minisail around the turn of the century (the recent one), in 2010 (I think) I saw an ad on Boats & Outboards for a wooden one at a bargain price*. So off to Maidenhead I went, & there she was, a work of art, stored in a garage roof for 20 years. Once home, I gave her a quick sand back and a coat of paint and a lick of varnish and bunged her on the water. Then took her off again and put duct tape over the bailer...Sometime around then I held a naming contest, the winning name being Minim. Perfect.

A quick sail showed that the original Richmond Marine sail was useless, and the bendy boom, well, bendy. A call to R&J saw a nice red stripy sail ordered. Luckily, also in the garage roof had been an old Solo mast, which I had offered to take away. A plastic rowlock and a hacksaw soon turned it into a Minisail boom instead. The boom, ugly as sin, is still going today.

Next up, the cvrda event at my home club Whitefriars. Thanks to the internet age and David Argle's excellent Minisail page - a lone voice in the Minisail wilderness, 6 boats took to the water that weekend, and the class was reborn. 

Over the next few yrs, Minim turned red, more sails were bought, forging a class relationship with Morgan Sails, more events were sailed & a good time had.

However, with more and more time being spent at weekends instructing and coaching, I found myself sailing the boat less and less, so when an interested buyer came along, I sold her.

But 18 months later, chatting to the new owner, he mentioned he was going to sell, so I bought her back. I still don't have much time to sail her, but she has made it out for the odd Minisail/CVRDA event, and even won the coveted Whitefriars Boxing Day bottle!

Currently she has come full circle and is tucked into the roof of my garage. I'm hoping 2020 will bring more sailing.

*The £100 I paid for her has now turned into 3 new sails, a poly cotton cover (from Sail Register - good value) tons of paint and varnish, a complete new fit out and years of boat park fees. Ah, well, such is classic boat sailing.

3427 GRP   Minisprint? White Yellow David Frieswick Massachusetts, USA   David bought a trailer and the Minisail came with it! May reconstruct it so he can sail it
4093 GRP   Monaco II White Light Blue       Bought for £77 on Ebay by "Applejack" in Nov 2004
4220 GRP   Minisprint II White Blue Steve Whitby  


On Minisail Association Gallery
4223 Wood   Wood Sprite II Red Varnish Roger Llewellyn Otley SC


I think the sail number should be earlier than it is
4230 GRP   Minisprint II Grey White Robert Baker Sandwell Valley SC


From Rob: "Sprint mk2 number 10016, this was boat number 16 in the breakaway sprint
class, they started from 10000 I have the battened sail, which I have re
numbered 4230 for my Sprint mk2, not sure where the 10016 hull is.
I believe Steve Whitby's Sprint mk2 4220 is the sister boat to mine 4230,
they were bought by same family, They were both courtesy of Paul Rogers
(needs confirming), it appears that Richmond marine were jumping numbers by
4601     Monaco White Yellow Stuart Blakemore Bartley SC, nr Birmingham


Bought from a friend  of his in 2017 who had kept it in the garage for 30 years, so very good condition, and much admired whenever he uses it
5028 GRP 1971     Was Orange Stuart Blakemore  


Technically he has only got the sails, spar and foils and he had to cut up the hull a few years ago; the mast had ground through the base of the well - he may pick up another hull at some point

5048           Frans Stoop?     Seen at National Championships at Bowmoor in 2018
5092 Composite 1980 MS Mk2 Hull, one-off deck layout Cream Varnish Steve Whitby  


Sail number is wrong - Tom Moore bought the hull for home completion with no hull number 5092 is an old Laser of mine - this is the Radial sail, going well in a good breeze! Re-decked in 2019.
5117 GRP   Monaco White Blue   Southampton   On sale on Gumtree Sept 2019 for £175
5395 GRP     White Yellow David Cooper?     On sale on FB site in Eastbourne 02/03
5423 GRP   Meson? White Yellow       Seen at National Championships at Whitefriars in 2014
5655 GRP     White Yellow       Old image on
5445 GRP   Monaco II White Orange       For sale on Ebay Nov 2019 for £60
5621                 Photo at Minisail National Champs 2013
5671 GRP   Monaco II White  Light blue    


On sale at Waveney Sailing Club 02/07/2018
5678 GRP   Monaco 11 White Cream Richard Dray     Mentioned on FB 17/07/2019
5708 GRP     White Orange       Mentioned in
5789 GRP     White Yellow Willy Van Looveren      
5835 GRP   Meson?   Blue       On Minisail Minisprint images
5840 GRP     White Yellow       Seen at Nat Champs in 2014
5848           Tom Moore Calshot Castle   Seen at National Champioships at Bowmoor in 2018
5904     Minisprint II White         Seen on an old "can you handle a sliding seat" advert
5969 GRP   Minisprint White Light blue Steven Price      
6008 GRP   Meson White Aquamarine       On MInisail Minisprint images
6786 Wood?   Sprite II White Varnish       On Minisail Association Gallery
6874 GRP   Minisprint II White Light blue David Argyle?     On Minisail Association Gallery
6905 GRP   Monaco II   Orange       On sale on ebay in Spain July 2019
7000       White Blue       Sailed at National Championship in 2018
7072     Monaco White Orange    


For sale in Dublin 2015 for £175

For sale in Dublin 2016 for £349

8105 GRP     White Yellow       Seen on "Yachting and Boating World Forum dated 04/09/2012
9000 Wood 2012 Sprite I Varnish Varnish Ronny de Gruyter  


New build - see Ronny's blog here.