There’s a number of Minisail brochures that have existed over the years. They can be helpful in getting background ideas and information about the boat and the class. Here is a collection of various leaflets, fliers and pictures – but don’t forget, things like the contact details etc. have long since ceased to be valid.

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  • Some Minisail and Sprint Ads from Richmond Marine - they now seem delightfully "period"!



  • A sketch of an Early Minisail (png)
  • The Minisail was also sold in America, courtesy of George O’Day. Here’s a copy of a Mini Sail Ad of his.


  • 1960's brochure about flushed decked wooden and Polyester Minisails (thanks to Steven Cattle). The third one in this set even includes a price for a "racing seat" - just 6 Guineas. 



  • A collection of brochures, some unseen material – for most of us- here. (thanks to Stephen Booy)




If you have any other ads or brochures then please get in touch.