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The MiniSail

The Minisail was conceived in 1959 as more or less a Sailing Surfboard. It was established as a semi-development class throughout the 60s and 70s, with a number of significant variations appearing. However, it disappeared from the scene in the early 80s, leaving various examples scattered around, often seemingly abandoned. The well-known Topper is a development of the Minisail, and there are many similarities between them. However, the Minisail is much more of a racing boat at heart.

This section begins with a collection of photographs of various examples of MiniSails, followed by some tips on buying and a page for ads if you’re selling. If you want to buy a Minisail, it might be a good idea to talk to folk on the forum before diving into an impulse purchase!

Following this comes a collection of contacts if you need spare parts – we should now be more or less able to help you find any parts necessary to get back on the water, whatever is missing from your MiniSail!

Finally, this area has a collection of pages giving access to a wide range of resources (build plans and the like). There is also a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ). If this still hasn’t answered your question, talk to us on Facebook!