The Minisail

The Minisail was conceived in 1959 as more or less a Sailing Surfboard. It was established as a semi-development class throughout the 60s and 70s, with a number of significant variations appearing. However, it disappeared from the scene in the early 80s, leaving various examples scattered around, often seemingly abandoned. The well-known Topper is a development of the Minisail, and there are many similarities between them. However, the Minisail is much more of a racing boat at heart with a much larger sail, two feet longer yet roughly the same weight (min weight for the Minisail is 95lbs).


Minisail Spec (the "Max" is a larger battened sail than can be fitted to any hull)
  Sprite Monaco Sprint "Max"
Weight 95lbs ~110lbs ~120lbs -
Sail Area 7.4sqm 7.4sqm 7.4sqm 8.2sqm
PY No. 1225 1225 1225 1215
Length 4102mm 4013mm 4013mm -
Beam 1219mm 1168mm 1168mm -


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